Monday, January 16, 2012

The Taboo Subject of Politics and Religion

One must appreciate the irony.
Living in THE land of democracy, I find it interesting that our Founding Fathers were wise enough to put the famous "Seperation of Church and State" clause into our constitution, without taking the thought to its final inevitability. Obviously even back then they knew what a dangerous combination the two could be. How can one possibly expect others, who truly believe in religious fantasy, to be able to make informed, educated decisions affecting us all, without the bias that their personal delusion insists upon?

One such case in point is this:
The Republican Party is having a rough time of it recently, in that the most significant presidential hopeful in the upcoming 2012 election is Mitt Romney.  By all appearances a solid, family man and most importantly, a Christian. Because a whole lot of republicans are Christians and they do tend to vote for their own. As I said, Mitt is a Christian. But Mitt isn't the right kind of Christian. Mitt is a Mormon. And while the general population considers Mormon, or Latter Day Saints a Christian religion, the majority of "real" Christians, those of a more fundamental nature, see it as pure cult. Another presidential hopefull is John Huntsman, another Mormon. Then we have Newt Gringrich and Rick Santorum, both Catholics. (They're the Idolaters I mention later on down the page.) In a way it's no different than any other religion that is sectarian.

Islam has Sheiites and Sunnis and probably a few other sects that I'm just not aware of yet. The Jews have: Orthodox, Hassidic, Messianic, and Jews for Jesus to name a few. The Christians have, just as example: Amish, Baptist, Branch Davidian (I think they're all dead now,)Catholic, Evangelist, Jehovahs Witness, Heavens Gate (All dead too), Lutheran, Methodist, Mormon, Presbyterian, Religious Science, Santa Ria, Scientology, Seventh Day Adventist etc...  Each a sect of Christianity, believing that only their sect is truly the correct one and dismissing the others as anything from mildly misguided to cultists, idolaters or downright blasphemers.

So while the republicans have their perfectly delusional candidate as a possible contender, many of them will not vote for him because his delusion doesn't quite match theirs. This example of sectarianism is common thinking among most nations' religious and in my opinion will be this countrys, or perhaps this worlds undoing. Because in case you haven't noticed, religion isn't what is holding the world together, but rather, what is holding it back.

"From what?" you ask. To that I answer; everything from advancements in science, health, agriculture and space exploration, as well as many environmental concerns. Global warming, extinction of species (plant and animal alike) at the hand of mankind. If the religious of the world didn't believe they had a "God" given dominance over every aspect of the planet, that can be exploited for greed and power all in the name of that "God", perhaps we could all benefit. If people instead, understood that this life, this world full of its natural wonders and beauty is all there is, just maybe they'd treat the world and all of its creatures a bit more kindly and with a bit more care and respect. What could it hurt to try? Oh, that's right. There's still that bothersome fantasy so many are fearful of giving up just because it's all they've ever known or because they believe it's all they  have. Their faith. "For the Bible tells me so." And like some evil addiction, the thought of going without is dreadful. Yet the rational part of the mind, that part still anchored in reality admits quietly that it would be better off without. So start off taking baby steps.

Step 1: Admit that as a being with free will, (you do have free will, right?) not every mundane coincidence is the act of a higher power directing your moves to achieve some divine intention.
Once you can do this and realize you are not going to be struck down from on high, you are on the road to wellness. Remember, a religious mind is a sick mind.

Meanwhile as the upcoming presidential election looms nearer, watch and see if what I predict happens. XHAUA predicts that the republican party will be so torn between politics and religious misconceptions that they actually will make Mitt Romney the republican candidate for president, and then, not vote for him out of religious ideological differences. Incumbent Democratic President Barrack Obama will win in a landslide.

As an atheist and a democrat I can only say "THANKS, OBAMAGAIN!"
Oh, and finally, remember where your heart lies. Just left of center. It's a good place.

Peace and Respect,

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