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The following is from the Tuesday January 24th, 2012 Denver Post newspaper.
Quote: "Boulder Atheists buy outdoor ads
(originally released by the Boulder newspaper Daily Camera) The Boulder Atheists announced Monday that the group has purchased space on three billboards in Denver and Colorado Springs to post messages that read, "God is an imaginary friend; Choose reality, it will be better for all of us."


They plan on putting them in areas that are densely, religiously populated. One can only presume this is the beginning of what will inevitably become a holy war right here in our own country. It's just curious to ponder how far it will escalate. Will we become just another Middle East-like country embroiled in petty hatred and violence over ridiculous mythological ideology? Can this country afford another civil war?

 I posted a thought on Facebooks ATHEIST QUOTE OF THE DAY that I 'd like to share now with you:

Atheism is the steady hand of reason, ripping off the old and filthy bandage of religion, so that the infection it has shielded can be remedied and the healing of Humanity can begin.

Last night I had a lively debate with a fellow non-believer on whether atheists should go about their business of non-belief quietly and non-confrontationally, or rather be all up in peoples faces. Guess which side I took ;-? Yep. I said that `basically that's what the religious people want, for anyone who doesn't conform to their way of thinking to shut the hell up about it. It's called submission and the Bible endorses it frequently. So, I continued, if any and every other oppressed people in this nation sat quietly and just accepted what the majority doled out to them in the way of civil, basic human rights, women would still not be able to vote, nor would blacks. Gays would still be living the lie that not being allowed to be themselves compells. And Atheists would still be living in fear of being burned at the stake!`
ok, we'd had a beer by this point, but I think I made my case for my militant Atheistic attitude. Besides, his whole defense was "I know, but I don't like to disrespect people for their beliefs." "And, so I asked, you think disrespecting them by letting them continue to believe in fairy tales is better?" He gave me that "hang-dog" look and said softly, "no." 

No. We cannot be silent about our convictions. Because if we are, this tragic, dangerous, unrealistic stoneage mythological lifestyle choice, will someday be the death of us all. So please make the wise decision to choose reality. It really will be better for all of us.


The Boulder Atheists are part of the Colorado Coalition of Reason.

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