Monday, March 26, 2012

Rape Babies, Gifts From God?

As an adult and a gracious man, I am generous enough to admit when I am wrong, so please accept my humble apologies. To all the believers who tell me I am unable to prove my viewpoint that their "God" does not exist, I say, sorry. I realize now that there is absolutely no way to prove, particularly to your satisfaction, that that which does not exist, does not exist. You Are Right! In your world, and that's really all you have, God is in His Heaven and all is as it should be. I hope you'll accept my regret at attempting to share something akin to actual knowledge with you. So, moving right along;

Have the religious people in this country lost their minds? I mean apart from the usual crazy stuff. Who in their right thinking heads, would try to convince a victim of rape that "this is really a good thing" and that the child they are carrying is a little "gift" from their all wonderful and beneficent God? Rick Santorum, a man running for president of this country. That's who. Now, I understand the concept of stump speeches and working the rhetoric for the easily excitable mob who turns out to hear their candidate tell them how he or she's going to make this country the kind of place where their beliefs will be upheld, no matter how fantastic that may be. And when I say fantastic I mean in the literal sense. Many of these lemmings are actually hoping that war does break out between Israel and Iran so that the "end times" will be brought about, thus fulfilling the prophesies in Revelation and bringing them into the rapture they've been promised. Promised, I might remind you by stoneage people who had no concept of what the world, or beyond, actually was. To most of these people the world was a truly frightening place and they would have embraced almost anything to be at peace. So dreams were taken as portents as real as can be. Unfortunately, modern man is still frightened by the world he lives in, and is so desperate to defeat the unknown of death, that he will cling to any false promise to continue living. But that's not the point here today. We already know that certain people are gifted with the ability to spin our concepts of bad into good. Advertising agencies have been doing it for ages. As well as most of your 'slick with a phrase or bible verse' clergy. So it only stands to reason that the well polished politician should want to get in on the game. And that is just what our fine republican hopefuls for president are doing. They are using language that is designed to frighten and enrage. If you believe them, our current president is waging war against religious freedom in this country. If trying to make sure that everyone in America is able to get the health care they need and that as citizens of a free country, to make sure that birth control is available to any who want to make use of it can, affordably, is waging war against religious freedom, then let me enlist. In case no one has been paying attention, too busy waiting for God to lift you up to Heaven, then let me explain some basic facts to you.

The Earth, our home now and forever is a place of finite resources. The old admonishment of "Go forth and multiply" no longer applies, if it ever did. We are running out of space, food and the ability to support unlimited numbers of people. We are killing our home and all the religious mouthpieces keep telling us to keep breeding. Now, they seem to be telling would-be rapists to go forth and multiply by force and we'll cover for you using the old "But all babies are gifts from God, even those conceived through rape."

So now the religious would have us, not only approve of rape, but encourage it because if a baby conceived of rape is a gift from God, then so must be the act of rape itself, and the rapist should be exalted as the deliverer of "His" divine little gift. Seriously? A man who hopes to become the most powerful person in the world through our system of choosing government called voting, would have us believe this. Why not?  In case you've forgotten, or never knew in the first place, rape is not a sin. Certainly not included in the "Ten Comandments" nor listed as one of the "7 Deadly Sins." In fact, for those of you who do know the Bible, you might recall the story of Soddom and Gomorrah. The towns men wanted to rape the angels visiting Lot, but rather then consider this, Lot, the most righteous man in town, instead offered his virgin daughters. The men of the town decline Lots offer, and that says more about the daughters than it does of the men. Now at first this may seem reprehensible to our civilized way of thinking, but as you continue on reading you discover that Lots virgin daughters turn out to be some serious skanks, getting their father drunk enough to pass out, and then having their way with him. Yes, they raped their own father while he was incapacitated. But the God of Justice and Mercy found nothing wrong with this behavior! As a result of these rapes, (the daughters did this on more than one occasion) the no longer virgins both conceived some of Gods little gifts and these babies of rape and incest became founding fathers of the different divisions of the Judeo-Christian and Muslim faiths.

It's all starting to make sense now isn't it?

By the way, I found it rather predictable that Rick Santorum swept the states one frequently thinks of when considering incestous rape, Mississippi and Alabama. One can only hope that the rest of the country focuses in on what is truly important this election year and that we all do our part to stem the tide of this dangerous and ridiculous wave of superstition called religion.


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