Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I expect a few new people might find their way here soon and so to them I say Welcome. You have found a place where you can rely on reading only the truth about a worn out, tired old remnant of the first and second (the neo-lithic/bronze age aka about the time of "Moses",) stone age god, that unfortunately a majority of the American, ney the world's population still believes in, for the most part because that's all they've ever known. And while I understand the fear that that can cause, (bucking what you've believed since you can remember,) there's no excuse for believing the lie that is religion. The "proof", the facts that appeal to reason, observation, and experience loving people will be obvious in the evidence, surmisals and conclusions that I draw from everyday experince, and of course media sources that I come across. And their own best weapon in our defense, the Bible.

So now, to get a proper perspective of where and how this all started, please visit my older posts, and read my profile. I would ask you to "click" on the spot below that says (obviously) older posts.

And no matter what your opinion, please express yourselves. I value TRUTH, and abhor ignorance. Just the opposite of religion. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


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