Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tim Tebow: God On His Side?

No one's saying it, but certainly they're thinking it. After all it would be crazy, right? I mean seriously! But what if there really IS a God? And what if He really is, not only a football fan, but a Broncos fan, particularly a "Broncos Led By Tim Tebow" fan? And what if that God really and truly is slurping promises of sweet victory into Tim Tebow's ears, as claimed by the renowned Christian quarterback? That claim comes by way of an interview in the Denver Post. I'm not "What if-ing" now, he actually made the statement. Well then, I guess the next and most obvious question must begin with; Why? But the question, so as not to confuse, is not "Why football?", not "Why the Broncos or even why Tim Tebow?" The question begging to be asked isn't "Why did this 'God' who obviously loves us so much, let those Muslim bastards destroy our country and with it, our way of life?" It's not "Why don't you, make believe god, prove your existence and ease our sorrows, our starvation, our diseases, our wars?"

No. The ultimate question of any validity is: Why, would anyone living in the 21st century still believe in millennia old superstitions that do nothing but hinder our progress as a species with fear and a creed of inequality?

To those believers let me say that I understand your fear. The idea that all of this has come about with no intention, no intelligent design, frightens you as you realize that this whole time your life has been about you and what you chose to do with it. Without guidance and a sense of protection (false as it may be) you have always had free will, not because someone or something gave it to you but because it is a natural part of life no matter what or who you are. Frightening to know that any decisions you made because you thought you were acting in accordance with the will of some mysterious supernatural entity, were really decisions you chose to act upon out of what your own desires conscious or not, dictated.

So while my sense of reality won't let me believe (no matter how Tim Tebow swears it's true) that God, if such a thing really exists, is whispering reassurances in his ear that the Broncos have His Divine favor, I would just like to give this one piece of advice to Mr Tebow. On the first page of the King James Bible that a friend gave me to further my cause of enlightening my fellow humans, your wonderful God no sooner makes Man, but then lies to him (Genesis 2:17) and the first "being" to utter the truth, is the soon to be reviled Serpent, (Genesis 3:4-5) who later became identified by Christians as synonymous for Satan. Be careful of what "God" tells you as He is an uncontrollable liar.

However my original intention for blogging on Tim Tebow and the whole "Tebowing" nonsense, was to point out how Christians, (no, to be fair it's all religions) love to take the most natural events and occurances and try to attach a supernatural "God" explanation or causation for it. In the case of Tim Tebow, it's not God on his side, helping him out in that final quarter or last few minutes of the game because he's such a devout worshipper, but rather that Mr Tebow obviously can't focus on his job until he's under total stress and then can't handle taking the credit for what is eventually his self created success.

Tim's not the only one who likes to pretend that God is helping him in the most mundane fashion. I hear all too often from friends who, (like junkies) can't give up the fantasy of the supernatural and love to regale me with their accounts of their "proof" of a God. "This one time when we just had to get to bible study and the car just wouldn't start, that is until we all prayed on it together, then what do you know? God answered our prayers and the car started right up! Now how else do you explain that Mr Atheist?" And I love my friends, but you must know that it's hard not to become condescending when faced with this kind of thinking and logic or lack there of. Oh my little darlings, if only it were so!

So to Mr Tim Tebow I say, Stop Grandstanding for God! If He really existed He wouldn't need you dropping to one knee to acknowledge His gift of you to the rest of us for every little thing you do at work, which is your job, remember? Besides, it's embarrassing. Inspiring nothing but ridicule and scorn. Oh, and jokes like this one:

What do Teabowers and Teabaggers have in common? They all three involve nuts.


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