Saturday, October 8, 2011


That means: OH MY GOD!  For those not around in the 1980's, OMG! became a popular phrase used initially by teen aged girls in the "Valley" of southern California. Along with "Gag me with a spoon!" and a few other beloved phrases that fortunately* for us all, have passed into that gentle good-night of passe` cliches. Somehow, thanks to the tenacity of the fanciful however, OMG is still hanging in there. So I've added my own cliche to the end of it, which is TING! That means of course: THERE IS NO GOD! Because of course, THERE IS NO GOD!
For the hard headed, stubborn, mulish, (am I making my point? do you know that I'm directing this at you? do you know who YOU are?) of course there will always be a god. No, not a God, for that would imply a respect on my part that I am no longer willing to concede. Another good lesson that no one else seems to understand any more is "Practice what you preach!" So to that end I don't feel at all disreputable when I live up to my name rather than my creed. And for those of you who have missed it previously, let me give it to you again.

 I AM X.I.G.!


And for those of you in or about the 4th grade, insolence means "Boldly disrespectful in speech or manner." So without further ado, I present the proof of the non-existence of God.

But wait, if I do that, not only will it shatter so many little lives, destroy so many childhood believed fantasies that you, the reader might not see the point in continuing your shallow and futile facade of being. That being the case and not wanting you to off yourself in some childish tantrum, screaming "Look at ME! Look at what that horrible mad-man XHAUA made me do!" I won't give you all of my proof. Instead, if you are really interested in the truth and not just what you've always been told to believe from birth, follow along as I reveal irrefutable facts that can only lead the clear thinking, objective mind to the inevitable conclusion, which is not the conclusion at all of course, but only the beginning.

I believe. A rather funny way for an atheist to begin, but the fact is there are a lot of religious folks out there who would have you believe that we don't believe in anything! As if we're a bunch of nihilists. Really? And I loved it when a Christian, or CHRISTian as my sister and her fellow followers like to refer to themselves, told me when I informed him that I was reading a book called "The Quotable Atheist" that "Atheists, they believe in Satan!" I proudly corrected him to the fact that we don't believe in ANY form of supernatural entities. "No sir, no devil, no god, no werewolves or vampires." (Oh, and by the way, I don't proslytize my atheism, he asked what I was reading. I was minding my own business, reading.) "Well of course there's no werewolves or vampires!" he said to me as if my even suggesting such a thing was in seriousness. I of course could only return to reading my book, smiling.
I believe in Human-kind. In the everyday goodness of people who don't need anyone or anything looking down on them in judgement, before they determine whether to choose to do good or evil. They just do it because it is how we have evolved to be. If that thought confuses you think of this: a couple thousand years ago (not long in the scope of things) people delighted in watching other people die in horrible fashions. A couple hundred years ago people still turned out in droves for public executions. If they showed executions on tv today, well, ok so we're not so evolved as we'd like to believe, but the point is we are trying to be better people all the time. And not because of a love for god or a fear of hell. Hell, people don't even really believe in hell anymore. And certainly not "because the bible tells me so." It's just who we are and believe it or not we are a magnificent lot.

Now, let's look at the Bible. I did. Here's what I found just in the first book, the ever popular:
The first thing God does for the newly made couple is tell them everything in the garden paradise, which He has made specifically for them, is there for them.
He lied. Because a bit later he tells them they may have anything but the one thing, that if they ate it, would make them as Gods themselves, but he tells them that if they eat of it they will surely die immediately.
Enter "the serpent" who later somehow becomes the fallen angel Satan, but not in the Bible, only in the CHRISTian re-imagining of the story. You see, the serpent gets vilified somehow even though he's the only one who tells the truth to Eve. He tells her, "You won't die, God just doesn't want you to know what he knows and you will if you eat of the Tree of Knowledge."
Now, let's take note here, for all the Christians who love to tell us that God's greatest gift was "Free Will", the next thing God was afraid would happen was that man would eat from the Tree of Life and become immortal thus truly like the Gods. So God bannished Adam and Eve, because? what, the Free Will that God gave us didn't apply on, what? certain blacked out dates? I mean really, and this is the lead in story that the Jewish, the Christian, and the Muslim faiths are based on. This is so believable as to motivate people to kill, to die for? And yet; I believe. Not in your phony gods, but in Man's ability to overcome his primitive upbringing in the shadow of superstition called religion.


*Fortune or Luck is another thing I strongly do believe in. I live to see the day that "God Bless You" is replaced by the infinitely more plausable "Good Luck!" Help me get this trend started. Good Luck!

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