Monday, April 25, 2011

Terry Jones - Man of Conviction or Cartoon Character?

Terry, what were you thinking? Except perhaps "I'm gonna get that pesky varmint!" That pesky varmint being the Koran that the Right Reverand Terry Jones, one of the many religious contenders for historical judgement as "The Man Who Began the End of the Human Race" burned, after holding a mock trial which found the book guilty of who knows what, aside from not being the Bible that Rev. Jones and his inbred followers mistakenly believe to be something other than the fairy tale that it is. It's the classic case (with all religions) of exclusivity. We're right and you're wrong, so it's ok to disrespect you, to kill you even, as long as we know that it's what our God/Allah wants. So what Terry? Is this what your God really wanted? For you to rouse the rabble, ie. the barbarians in Afghanistan, to acts of murder? That's what you did you know. And whether this was the response you were going for or not the result was the death of a group of innocent people, not believers in your cause, in fact not even Americans! (Thus the proof of barbarism, just strike out at whoever is close at hand. If not for the U.N. workers being available it would probably have been their women.)
So Terry Jones, fine example of Christianity and religion as a whole, I have to give you :-{ :-{ two frownie faces for disrespect, and my personal wish that the U.N. pressures the United States to charge you with inciting a riot, resulting in multiple deaths, or perhaps since we ARE in a war in Afghanistan the charge should be one of war crimes.



For those who didn't get it, Terry Jones looks (and apparently thinks) like Yosemite Sam.

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