Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi "A", Welcome back! First let ME ask, why would I have any hesitation in posting your comments? People like you are the very reason I started doing this in the first place. You stated very cryptically that you in FACT knew that I once believed in God, and that you for some reason wanted me to ponder on how you could possibly know that. Umm, 'cause I state that to the right side of every blog I post? So please don't act as if you have some inside knowledge of me. Anybody who's read my blog should know that.

Next, I know and admit freely that I am only human so there's no possible way I would ever contend that I know everything. But equally as freely and just as proudly admit that I'm not about to go through life with blinders of faith on. I know what I know as a fact because I have done the hard work called research to verify the things I say as truth.

Unfortunately, and I mean no disrespect when I say this, it appears that like most other religious folks, your not going to bring anything in the way of substance to your arguments. Would I be correct in guessing that you are a "born again" christian? You see, so was I at one point - full immersion baptism - the works. It was a farce. So it's not like I haven't been there.

So how did I lose my faith, you asked. The same way all true thinking people do. I started doing a bit of studying. No, not the bible as that wasn't going to give me facts, being that it's not a historical account but merely a very slanted fiction book that's been edited and changed more than Webster's Dictionary. Sadly the edits and changes in the bible weren't inspired by truth or newly discovered facts, but by a small group of people with a less than honorable agenda. Money, power etc...

Great story about the Viet Nam atheist in the foxhole even if it's not unique or all that convincing considering that a lot of people in a tight situation, (death row inmates, people in falling air planes, thosewith cancer and so on) facing possible or even certain death will grab at any straw no matter how remote or improbable. But the sureity of this story is that the soldier was no more a true atheist than is a true christian, who forsakes Jesus if it might save his life. We all know that people will do whatever they think might help in a given situation. However if one knows in one's heart that fantasy isn't going to help, they don't give in to it. They know that it would be pointless.

One thing you say is true however that the things good or bad that happen to us ARE of our own making. There is no one else to blame. No God, no Satan, no Flying Spaghetti Monster. However it is heartbreaking that the things people do in the name of God are usually atrocities. Even in this day and age. Wars, murders, and discrimination based on intolerance, again, based on something someone read in a holy book.

So let me answer your final question once more, of "what am I gonna do when I die and find out there is a God. Nothing. I'ts not going to happen, and I have no dillusions of not dying. So let me say it one more time, and please pay attention this time. God is an invention of man, and not a very intelligently designed one to say the least. Seriously, if there truly was a God, why go through all the mystic mumbo jumbo? The belief without proof? Hardly the kind of thing a rational being would put it's creations through. If you decide to answer my questions, please remember to be factual. Biblical answers are no answers at all.

Lastly let me remind you what "they" say about homosexuality, as it applies here.
Go there once and it's just experimentation.
Go there twice and, ok, it's just to be sure you really don't like it.
Go there three times and face it, your a "FFFFollower"!



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