Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Fear What Doesn't Exit!

I am proud to announce that I have my first real response to this blogsite, and I call it real because it isn't just a friend commenting on my post, but an actual "annonymous" poster with a valid opinion. Misguided as it is. So first, let me say "Welcome and thank-you for expressing your opinion." I have in fact "published" every response I've received whether I've done it correctly or not remains to be seen. You see I get a small icon at the bottom of the page telling me there is an error on the page (No it's not a sign from God/s that what I've written is an error, just that there is an error with the page,) and I might not be getting the comments posted where they can be seen on the same page. I'm truly working on correcting this.

There we go! With no help from above I fixed it all by myself. Your (and any other posts received) will now go at the bottom of the page to which you are addressing.  Fire away!

So, as I was saying before, I've been a "born again" and find the whole thing to be a farce. The same book you put so much stock as truth in is merely the #1 bestselling fiction work of all time. Not that that means much. I mean the #2 bestseller to the bible just previous to World War II was "Mein Kampf" by that famous Chrisitan, Adolf Hitler. However I'm getting off the point of todays subject, which is the "What am I gonna do when I die and find out God is real?" question asked by my newest follower "Annonymous!" I am calling this person my newest follower as he/she/they have written to me twice now. I can only presume that "A" as we will shorten it to, has read my previous posts and isn't just making comment to the one, singular post. ?
Because if you are then please go back and start at the beginning. Then, If there is any part of any of them that is not 100% true, we can have a discussion. Now, in order to define what is truth we need to go to an impartial source. That counts any argument based on biblical account out. So let's see what the real historical accounts say.

1. According to Justin Martyr ( Christian Church Father --- 103ce-165ce.) "When we say that Jesus Christ was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended to heaven, we propound nothing new or different from what you believe regarding those whom you call the sons of Jupiter."

To me, that basically is an admission that the story of Jesus is in fact cobbled together pieces of several stories that had been going around the middle east,northern Africa, and parts of Europe particularly Italy/Rome and Greece, since the dawn of human interaction when we first began making up stories to explain that which we could not understand due to a lack of knowledge of the world and its workings, not to mention the strangeness of the skies overhead. Plus let's face it, nobody wants to think that death is the end. As an Atheist, while I don't believe in any form of supernatural, (yeah, god/s, devils, angels, vampires, ghosts, werewolves etc... are all considered "supernatural") that doesn't mean I believe that death is the end. I have no fear of death or what comes after. And I certainly have no fear in that which doesn't exist, to include your primative and totally fictitious god.

Just one last point I'd like to make before I call it good for the moment. Have you ever looked for the bible in the library? You'll noctice it's not kept in the "non-fiction" part.

As always, I hope I've encouraged you to do some thinking and perhaps some investigation on your part, and that I've maintained my own 1 COMMANDMENT: AT ALL TIMES, IN ALL WAYS, TO ALL CREATURES AND ALL THINGS, BE RESPECTFUL! If everyone followed that, all our problems would begin to fade.



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