Saturday, July 18, 2009

Now about those "gay" people and their desire to be married. First one must ask; are we talking about legal rights, or that more precarious platform of 'What Would Jesus Do?'

Because if we're talking strictly legal, let's take a look at the 14th amendment of the Constitution. This is the same law that California is now up in arms about because basically it guarantees citizenship to anyone born in this country. However I don't believe one is entitled to that privilege when one's parents are here illegally. I do believe though that there may be more here than meets the eye.

Let's say for just one moment that California, once considered quite liberal in its gay attitudes-but for late as it tries to quell gay marriage-decides to try to hide that agenda under the guise of needing to change the 14th amendment to protect us from the illegal Mexicans who are coming here,(dropping kids that they {and apparently some terribly misguided Americans} think are automatically citizens,) crying out " the barbarians are at the gates!" which will be essentially true. The majority of the immigrants legal or not from our southern neighbors will be toting their catholic faiths and prejudices along with them.

Recently a bunch of kids decided it would be a good idea to sue the president of the United States for sending their illegal parents back to Mexico where they belonged. Yeah, ok whatever kids. And while we're at it shouldn't those little illegally born-here children have been deported with their illegal parents? Who in their right minds let them stay here? Possibly the same people who told them it would be the right thing (profitable) for them to sue the president of the United States?

I don't know. Maybe I really have lost it. All I really know for sure is that as long as the 14th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America still guarantees equal rights and priviledges to ALL its citizens and doesn't make the disclaimer that it is limited to "heterosexuals only" gays CAN NOT be refused the priviledge and right of the instiution of marriage.
For those of you who absolutely need to be in an institution.

As for the 'What Would Jesus Do' side of the argument, who cares?



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