Friday, June 12, 2009

Is there any hope for humankind? A being of such great potential yet, ever ready to perform the most heinious acts of cruelty to one another. Thousands of years of civilization and we still are not civilized. We act like barbarians, primatives living in fear of that which we do not understand, crying out or praying softly to imaginary entities that we hope will save us from ourselves.

Another murder. This time a security officer named Stephen T. Johns was killed by a man who is a known racist, white supremacist and (SHOCKER) a "religious" man. The shooting took place in the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The shooter is 88 years of age and supposedly an American veteran. At the time of this writing the shooter is in critical condition in the hospital.

My sympathies to the family of officer Stephen T. Johns for your loss.

I almost don't know where to begin because this was so wrong for so many reasons.

So let's start with that which is not so obvious. "White Supremacist"- now, how many of us don't know that that is a religious order, based in the south (while it has flourished up north, like in Ohio, Idaho etc... strangely the same areas you will find a lot of homophobia,) ? Well, it is and it's basically the same folks who brought you the terms "manifest destiny" and "white man's burden" along with a whole lot of malformed ideas about god and their personal claim to "him." They, who believe that "god" belongs to the white, christian men of America.

I could go on about this more, but I'm not going to. At some point people will either have to wake up and get real, or die. Unfortunately I fear that my lack of faith in humans will prove itself justified and the believers and unbelievers alike will be put into our graves. Equally unfortunate is the fact that once we're all there will be the time when the religious warring factions will find out it was all for naught. Now for the last time, do you want to be part of the solution, or part of the group who gets us all killed in the name of your delusional fantasy? Think about it, make a decision and you better hope it's the right one, or we're all going to pay for your insanity.


XHAUA out.

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