Monday, May 25, 2009

Today, I want to discuss a topic that seems on the surface, so obvious when in relationship to religion, as to be sublime.
That subject is : CHILD ABUSE!

It is a sad commentary on our society that headlines of child abuse in our religious institutions rarely raise an eyebrow anymore, and what's worse is the fact that this very serious situation has become so common as to have become fodder for our stand up comics as well as "round the water cooler" jokes. How could it be that so many "loving" parents could subject their children to the obvious sexual preditors that have been proven to be lurking in the protective shroud of the church?

I think I know.

One might lable the "sanctity of the church" as meaning "the kids are alright." Unfortunately that sanctity I speak of usually only ends up pertaining to criminals and perverts who know they can get away with anything they want, as long as they ask forgivness after they do it. And the idea that the church goes out of it's way to protect these people is even more of a reason why I feel that someone, probably me, needs to start an initiative to protect the children.

However, beyond protecting them from the obvious pitfalls of the church and it's many shadows filled with lecherous hands and mouths, is the even more important task of saving those tiny impressionable minds from the horrors of the delusion that waits inside each and every religious institution. The teachings that they too can grow up to be absolved of all their responsibilities and are free to continue the abuse they have suffered in this never ending cycle of passing on the fairy tale they call religion. So long as when they're done they ask for forgivness.

In an effort to stop the abuse I call on all who read this to consider my proposal. I would like to start an initiative making it illegal to take any child under the age of 18 into or within 50 feet of a church or any other religious facility or function.

As you know (or should know) I do not believe in sin. But I do believe in crime, and I believe it is a crime to expose one's children to the fantasy of that, which condones all of it's own crimes of the past as well as that which it knows continues to be wrong but does anyway, ALL IN THE NAME OF SOME GOD WHICH FOR ALL EXTENTS AND PURPOSES CAN NOT BE VERIFIED.

But crimes have been verified. Abuses have been reported. And still, supposedly educated people, at least some of them, obviously some not so educated, are allowing their children into these known situations proving themselves unworthy as parents. They wouldn't allow their children into a bar at these tender ages, or let them smoke cigarettes but sure, take the kids to the one place renowned for sexual predators of the young or helpless.

The final thought on this is that from this day forward I proclaim that any parent or guardian of a minor aged child who takes them into a religious building or function should be charged with the most severe form of abuse and neglect of a child and should suffer the same punishments as those in the church committing the actual abuse.

Children are less safe at a church retreat than spending the weekend at Michael Jackson's Neverland!

and remember: KNOWLEDGE>faith.

XHAUA out.

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