Saturday, April 18, 2009

In the beginning, Man created god. Not in His own image however, at least not in the beginning. That came much later with a little knowledge... and a whole lot of arrogance. No, those first gods took the shape of animals, made up creatures sometimes and sometimes more tangible objects that we couldn't explain, like the sun, moon and wind. Occasionally depending on the geographical layout and terrain, god took the shape of a volcano, mountain or some other magnificent yet completely natural phenomenon. The planets and stars, the constellations, have all been gods at one time or another. Eventually as humans learned more about their world, as explanations and facts began to do away with the gods that could be rationalized as natural occurrences, gods needed to become less visible, say living in the sky perhaps or in some equally unreachable underworld that lay beneath the world we can see and lay proof to. Of course they had to become mysterious in their intent.The gods no longer existed to explain and protect us from the hardships that befell us. No they were not just here to give reason for the strange coincidences that exist in nature, but suddenly, apparently so bored with all the magnificence that goes along with godhood,actually took an interest in the tiniest and most mundane facets of our lives! Who we slept with, did business with, what we ate and how we dressed became of great concern to the gods. Soon the gods were dictating what foods we should and shouldn't eat, and usually not out of any health concerns for the followers, but out of respect for the gods who found certain foods unpalatable or sometimes as it turned out, to help certain merchants. I suspect the truth be more along the lines of certain deliverers of divine communication just didn't like all the aspects of life around them, out of their control and so deemed the changes. The lord krsna reportedly doesn't care for the smell of garlic, so his followers may not have it. Too bad. Some gods won't let the followers eat shrimp and lobster. Really too bad! And those poor suckers who've never tasted bacon, will die having never lived. Of course poorly cooked or improperly handled food resulted in mysterious therefore divinity incurred deaths. What better way to keep a large group of people under controll than with intimidation, especially when their in fear for their lives, possibly on the verge of death? At that point one doesn't really care who's in charge as long as someone appears to be and promising to do something about it. God and Man, hand in hand, promising you a brighter future. But what about when the times do not seem to be getting any better? What about when we die? That great unknown step, beyond which any of us comes back to tell about? At some time Man discovered He could control the masses if He promised something wonderful lay at the end of it all, say heaven, wings, a bevy of virgins for your pleasure. Still larger numbers fall in line when threatened with something horrible, like hell awaiting them if they don't play by religions' rules. In truth, so many only believe because they are afraid not to.

While here and upon leaving please observe
At all times, in all ways
to all creatures and all things
and remember:

XHAUA out.

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