Friday, April 17, 2009


In the beginning, Man created god. Not in His own image, at least not a first. No, that came much later with a little knowledge and a whole lot of arrogance. If there is a God however, His name is Bill Maher. Thank-you Bill, for you have shed the light of knowledge and shown us all the way.

So if you've read this far, (thank a teacher, not a preacher!) you're either grabbing your bible, koran, or whatever other type of voodoo manual that you'll undoubtedly try to use to send me to your imaginary hell, oh and by the way, good luck with that! OR you are in bemused agreement with the things you've read thus far. So continue gentle (or not) reader, for as I can, I will try to shed some light of my own, raise a few questions and certainly ruffle some feathers. If I do this right.

So let me start by stating a matter of fact:

Jesus did not die for anyone's sins but his own. He was a convicted criminal according to the laws of the time. (Perhaps this is why so many people find "God" in jails and prisons?)However with society's affinity for outlaws and bad boys it's easy to see why people have mistaken him for a god. Who knows, maybe in 2,000 years from now people will worship Charlie Manson as a god. But for that to happen someone would have to kill him, say... like the authorities. And we'd have to be living in such primative times as to still practice the art of capital punishment. I wonder what Jesus' view on capital punishment might have been.

To the Jews, Muslims and Mormons let me say "Fear Not!" for XHAUA will be revealing the illogic to your beliefs too in time. I'm studying all of the various facets of the "R" word. Presently I am reading and quite enjoying "A Journey To The West" and find it every bit as credible as the other "Great Books."

While here, and upon leaving please observe
At all times, in all ways
to all creatures and all things,
and remember:

XHAUA out.

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